How to lose weight

So okay sure you could stand to lose a few pounds, great fine. Here’s the thing: working out sucks! It’s boring. It’s expensive.

. It’s time consuming. In fact, the number one reason people don’t work out is they have no time. Or so they say.

Losing weight is actually very easy, assuming a few things. First you need to move. Second you need to eat right. Third you need actually like what you’re doing.

First thing is first; let’s address that time issue thing. In our modern world we do a lot, especially if we have kids. Doing a lot of things, always being busy means not resting. When a person doesn’t rest they generate a hormone in their adrenals called cortizol. Perhaps you have heard of it.

The purpose of cortizol is to help the body hold onto energy, especially in the form of carbohydrates like sugar. Here is why we have it: before we had these things called super markets and grocery stores, we humans had to hunt and forage for our food. This would mean that on occasion we would run into hungry predators that would either try to eat us or simply steal our kill. Thus we had to run, which means we couldn’t eat. So we had to make do with whatever we had already eaten or could easily carry. In the modern world our food is readily available (at least in the industrialized world), and we don’t usually need to dodge hungry predators, but we still have outrageous amounts of stress mostly thanks to work. So the same chemical that we were using to keep us from starving while we ran away from the lion is now helping us to pack on extra weight while we out run our boss, which we don’t actually need to do.

So as far as time is concerned, find things that you can do without. Find something that you get let go of in your life. I promise the world will keep spinning. When somebody tells me that they don’t have any time or energy to exercise or play, I usually ask them how much time they have to be in the hospital recovering from a heart attack or a stroke. Then I ask them how much time they have to be dead.

Next up: food. Hippocrates once said, “Tell me what is on your plate, and I will tell you what diseases you have.” Food can be the fastest medicine or the slowest poison. So what is a good diet? All protein? No. No carbs? Try again. Raw? Please. Vegan. No not even close. The real answer is it depends, and not just on blood type. Diet is something that should be handled on an individual basis.

For example: I need to eat meat, usually about once to twice a day. I have tried vegetarian and vegan. I got sick. I became weak. I even started to go crazy. I started to eat meat again and I kept my strength, and my intelligence. A very good friend of mine on the other hand only eats meat as needed which is about once a month at most. For the most part she is a vegetarian. She is very physically strong and one of the smartest women I know. If she eats meat on a schedule like me, she gets horrible digestive problems.

I once worked with a patient that apples gave him indigestion. He quit eating apples and the problem went away.

Living in our modern world, you have access to nearly every kind of food on the planet within the distance of a short drive. So all you really need to do is portion control and count the calories right? Not so fast.

There are some rules: according to Chinese Medical Theory there are some universal things that regardless of what you are eating should probably be followed. First most of the food should be cooked. The reason for this is it kills the stuff that could be living in the food that can make you sick and it predigests the food so you don’t have to work as hard and therefore you get more energy for what you’re eating. It is after humans started cooking over a fire that we really got smart enough and had enough energy to even found a civilization.

Second eat according to the season. This is actually a very big topic which I will go into depth in another article but here is the gist. Summer requires cooling foods like watermelon. Winter requires warming foods like chicken soup.

Third don’t eat anything that is hard to digest on a regular basis. This includes raw food like salad, and greasy food like anything fast or fried. And you thought you were being healthy. Salads are okay, but they should not be eaten every single day. As far as fast food goes, if you haven’t figured out that burgers, fries, and coke is not a good meal then you are severely behind. Raw food requires a very large energy investment to digest it and turn it into you. As far as raw food is concerned a few times a week is okay, just don’t turn it into a dietary staple. Fast or fried food should only be eaten once a month at most.

Fourth eat slow and at a decent time. Basically it should take you at least 30 minutes to finish a meal at least. Chew your food. Don’t eat especially dinner after 7pm. You’re better off to eat it sometime around 6 so that you have enough time, usually about 2 hours to digest before going to bed.

Lastly, vary what you eat. Don’t eat the same thing every day.

Humans by nature will only to something to either avoid pain or to pursue pleasure. If what you’re doing hurts and you get no pleasure from it, then why do it? This is why when people work out and then they quit because it’s just not fun. Personally I hate running. I only run if I’m trying to catch something or I’m running away from something. So, I don’t go running. I do yoga, I walk, and I lift. I also like to box, often bare-knuckle but that’s a different story. My point is I only do things that I like doing, thus I keep doing them. I also only work out about four times a week. Lifting weight is the trickiest because it carries with it a large chance of injury, especially if I pick too much weight for the day or my form is off.

So, as you begin to exercise and get in shape find things that you enjoy doing while minimizing your chance of injury. I will do another article on this in the future. So until then, you take care and stay healthy.